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A Tribute to my Father Captain Robert Joseph Parkinson, Newark, N.J.P.D./U.S.N.

My tremendous Father and Teacher has gone on to be with the rest of our loved ones in Heaven. I wouldn't be who and what I am,and what we as Americans have accomplished without He and my Mother and so many great Guiding Light,Family and friends who set such Great Examples and taught me.City of Newark,New Jersey Police Dept.,World War II Veterans,Backbone Women, Judeo-Christian Clerics,Teachers and other Great Americans who were his and my influences in life. I'll catch up with you later!Dad!   THANK YOU!!!   I LOVE YOU!!!

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CHOPEYE CARTOON by Brian Parkinson


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
May GOD bless us all!

My name is Brian Charles Patrick Parkinson.  I am 55 years old and the founder of American Moo Do Kwan Self Defense Association (11-1-1984).  I’m an 8th degree Black Belt with 42 years experience in many western and eastern martial arts.  I have 23 years training in police procedure, professionalism, criminal and personal profiling, investigations, and etiquette training.  Taught by my father, Robert Joseph Parkinson, city of Newark, NJ, retired 30 year veteran and Captain and also a veteran of WWII that led his unit through the day at Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, June 6, 1944.  He also took part in the invasion of Okinawa in the Pacific theatre later.  I am also the former assistant pastor of Herrick Center and Starrucca Baptist churches in NE Pennsylvania.  I began building a profile on radical Muslim terrorists in the 1960s.  In 1978 and 79 I was offered to work for a team of private contractors that does the most covert work that the CIA, DIA, and British MI6 in fact does.

This was supposed to be my opening statement to the 9-11 panel. 

Among their duties which consisted of counter terrorism, rescue missions, and training others, they were the elite of Delta Force.  My best friend and blood brother from the Jersey shore, the late Gerald Wesley Simonson, who was a MAC-V-SOG Green Beret worked for them for about 10 years.  He was also a Master in American Moo Do Kwan.  From the time we were young teenagers in Raritan Township, New Jersey we aspired to be the best that we could be in anything we endeavored in.  We separated from about 1980 to 1985.  Gerry then began doing private contract work for the DEA and others.  In 1978 and again in 1985 I let the CIA know through Gerry that through counter terrorism profiling I had determined that radical Muslim terrorists would hijack our airliners and ram them into (more than likely) the White House, Capitol Building, Super Bowl or World Series depending on the time of year.  They love the “Big Bang” just like on 9-11-01 to inflict heavy damage and terrorize.  From Yassir Arafat’s PLO and later PLF and their bombings and terrorist actions including the hijackings of airliners in the 1970s and 80s, and the Achille Lauro hijacking where Abu Abbas and his terrorists beat up, then shot, and threw overboard Mr. Leon Klinghoffer.  The suicide truck bombing of 243 Marines in Lebanon that I predicted would happen because they didn’t have cement barricades in place there, to Mogadishu, the first World Trade Center bombing, the bombings of the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania, to the suicide boat bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, to every bombing in Israel and the West Bank and around the globe.  I would wonder aloud to a lot of my friends and other intelligence sources; “When are we (The U.S.) going to do something about this?  When is the President going to do something about these monsters?”  From Carter to Bush 43, I wondered.  In 1998 Osama Bin Laden threatened to attack the U.S. and Israel on our own soil.  It was all over the news for about a week.  To see and hear people in the current and previous administration act like they had “no idea” that we should be hit like we were on 9-11 is pathetic and truly sad.  In 1998, two weeks after Bin Laden threatened us, I saw his first scout at Trump Marina.  In March 1999 I began working at the Hilton Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I continued to see Bin Laden’s terrorists casing, pacing, and trying to photograph the entire casino; December 19, 1999 Sa’ad Bin Laden and a Yugoslavian sounding woman; April 2000 Zacharias Moussaoui and 3 John Doe Arab males; December 2000 Mohammed Attah and Ramsey Bin Al-Shieb; October 2000 four unidentified Arab males, possibly Khalid Shiek Mohammed in January or February 2001.  There was smuggling going on right there on Dock Road near where I had my home at West Creek, New Jersey for three years leading up to 9-11-2001.  Let me deter for good cause.

In 1983 I undertook a citizens action to uncover the sinister force that was controlling our government.  It began with the investigation of the RCA corporation and IUE union Local 178.  Though RCA stands for the Radio Corporation of America, it is over two thirds British owned.  It also served as a business front for British MI6 here in the U.S.  Its headquarters being located in the old RCA building and NBC which also, like ABC and CBS, were majority British owned and controlled.  In 1985 I caught RCA and Local 178 beyond a shadow of a doubt involved in bribery, collusion, election rigging, salary padding, embezzlement of union funds, double dipping (receiving lost time hourly payments all the while remaining on the clock for 16 hours 7 days a week for 4 weeks of negotiations.)  The Local 178 president, vice-president and secretary averaged 10 to 20 hours in the factory maximum while being paid hourly for 96 hours minimum every week all year long.  When the Lackawanna County D.A. Ernie Preate stood me up I went to the Scranton, PA FBI and Special Agent Frank Noonan.  I was told we had a good case by SA Noonan.  Though I can prove it to this day, and had people beg me to explain to the FBI that they were just doing their job I was double-crossed unto death and then black-oped (smeared) when their attempted murders failed.  It especially got bad for SA Noonan when it went on Geraldo Rivera’s “And Now it Can Be Told”, that Aileen Wournos, a contract killer for the FBI, falsely labeled a serial killer, had been having sexual relations with an FBI agent, a pilot for a hugh corporation and Tyria Moore her FBI puppeteer and lesbian lover, who just happened to be the daughter of parents who were best friends with the FBI station manager where Moore was raised in Ohio.  Tyria Moore was arrested for prostitution in Scranton within the year previous to December 7, 1990 when Wournos and another Jane Doe female attempted to assassinate me outside Elby’s restaurant in Dunmore, Pa., just miles from where Tyria Moore was staying at her sister’s in Scranton.  Four days after the Geraldo show went on TV SA Noonan tried to draw down on me at my home in Herrick Center, Pa (late August or early September 1991) but chickened out when he realized I had a firearm in my right hand pocket and was ready to defend myself.  Though I had already had wiretaps on me since 1989, starting that evening the FBI got real sick and vicious about it.  They tapped and monitored me everywhere and they made sure I knew about it every night at the RCA Scranton plant where I worked..  They had a co-worker named Bob Connors write my key conversations on the TV product carts to try to push me over the edge.  After almost 3 years of this, all 4 workers in our area were warned by our foreman Joe Janeski, Jr. that “whoever is writing the stuff on the production carts would be fired permanently with no chance of getting the job back.”  After 8 warnings to each of us, I made sure Joe Janeski, Jr. caught Connors writing on the carts.  After letting Joe know where Connors was writing the stuff, Joe made a beautiful sneak and approach on him.  I told Joe specifically before his apprehension that because Connors was doing this for the FBI, Local 178, and RCA, that despite the 8 warnings of permanent termination “Connors will get his job back!”  Connors who was also the “Porno King” at RCA was back about 5 days later.  Connors was writing some extremely sick stuff on the carts.  He made fun of a Specialist #1 delta where he was supposedly killed in a car accident in NJ.  That would be Gerald Wesley Simonson, my blood brother.  He made fun of another good fellow worker Paul McIntyre, who broke his neck when he had an epileptic seizure on St. Patrick’s Day and fell down his steps.  His most vicious one of all, he made fun of a fellow good union brother, Tommy Corrigan’s wife, when she suffered badly and died after 2 years of a courageous battle with cancer.  The FBI in Scranton, Pa. was, in my opinion, totally sold out to organized crime.  They stood by as the king pin in organized crime, Louis De Naples, Jr. threatened, harassed, and did everything he could to ruin a very honest and decent Christian news anchor for channel 40 named Larry Sporano.  Despite Larry asking the FBI for help, they along with RCA and Local 178 were also involved in ruining another very honest and decent newsman named Michael Gargiuolo.  I’m sure audits of Noonan and others along with checking for safety deposit box cash would show that they lived and earned way above their normal government earnings from 1988 on.  Organized crime was rampant in NE Pennsylvania until I got hold of the regional director of D.E.E.P. (Drug Enforcement Eastern Pennsylvania) Trooper Robert Perry.  I gave Trooper Perry numerous steroid and cocaine trafficking dealers and users including a State Policeman and others.  The investigation lasted from October 1993 until, at least, 2001.  It was the biggest and longest lasting anti-drug sweep in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s history.  For damage control former Special Agent Frank Noonan pushed Trooper Perry out of his job and took over the directorship of DEEP because he heard me talking to Trooper Perry on my FBI tapped home phone about Noonan’s sick and vicious double-cross.  Conspicuously missing from the steroid trafficking arrests was a dung hill named Paul Hickey, Jr., a former martial arts student of mine who was selling and using steroids and growth hormone while terrorizing men, women, and children in four different counties of NE Pennsylvania.  Hickey, who was banned for life from my martial arts association, was a terrorist for the Scranton FBI and organized crime.  He began terrorizing my ex-wife and eight year old step-son, Randy, just before we married in July 1992.  The terror continued with the help of his friends and devil worshipping dung hills for two and a half years until we moved to New Jersey, February 10, 1995.  Mail terror and harassment continued until at least 1998, November; so did the FBI harassment.  But being a man of deep faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit I knew God would get me through it.  Every time the FBI gangsters and their organized crime buddies tried to cover things up, God would just give me something bigger. 

In April of 1995, after moving back to New Jersey I met a man who called himself Bill Ramsey.  Even though he told me his name was an alias in front of Ocean County law enforcement officials, he claimed that he was the “black sheep” of the very wealthy Ramsey family in Colorado.  He joined my Parkinson’s Bay Karate School, August 15, 1995.  From April or March of 1995, when we first met, until December 26, 2996 when Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey was brutally tortured and then murdered I tried to have Bill Ramsey investigated because I believed, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he was going to kill someone in the Ramsey family that I had ascertained lived in one of either Boulder, Denver, or Aspen, Colorado.  Bill Ramsey, whose legal name is Larry Rohn, stated to me in front of the same Ocean County law enforcement people I asked to investigate him that he worked undercover for the FBI and Stafford Township Police Department.  I’ve never given up on that case.  The cover-up for that and other murders Rohn committed is every bit as big as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In August 1996 I began working security at Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino which was later called Trump Marina.  In February 1998, Osama Bin Laden threatened to attack America and Israel on our own soil.  Since I have always kept up on terrorism since the 1960s I knew who Bin Laden was and that he meant what he said.  Two weeks later I saw his first scout pacing the perimeter of the casino three to four times.  I warned in a roll call the next day or so, in front of forty-five or fifty officers and supervisors.  I resigned January 9, 1999 and began working at the Atlantic City Bally’s Hilton Hotel and Casino March 10, 1999.

Let me go back to my citizen’s action that I undertook starting in 1983.  I launched “Operation Eye of the Phoenix” (Phoenix - Jesus/Joshua, I AM GOD IS SALVATION, LAD SHONA, Na Israel Og N Erainn Republic Na IreInnish A’CLIATH) under the auspices of a team of private contractors that I am unit commander of called Aqua Delta 69.  It is a division of my God blessed American Moo Do Kwan Tae Tang Hapkido Kempo Kwan Do Self Defense Association.  What I discovered was mind boggling but true, a foreign shadow government called “the Committee of 300” headed by Elizabeth II Windsor of London, England was controlling every facet of our government, news agencies, big business, legal and illegal arms sales and the drug trade worldwide.  Their biggest puppeteer that this country has ever had is an MI6 operative named Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger was sent here in 1957 to oversee intelligence and disunity along with Sewer William Stevenson by propping up all kinds of divisions via radical groups and corporations from Kissinger’s Eagle Star Group and MI6 headquarters in New York.  A lot of corporations, clubs or groups appear legitimate but all of them including the ACLU above all the shows and some good work they’re allowed to do, serve “the Committee of 300”.  All that we heard of night and day on “the Committee of 300” controlled news was that because of one incident (that I believe was an orchestrated black and psychological operation) the NJ State Police racially profiled 1998-9-11-2001.  Bill and Monica had a tryst, and later Gary and Chandra had a tryst.  This was no accident.  It was the biggest distraction technique in the history of mankind.  And, as I stated to many of my fellow workers in Atlantic City casino security, “This is terrible for our national security.  We’ve got terrorists pacing and casing our casinos and all anyone on Capitol Hill is worried about is this garbage!”

Having known for many years that the ACLU is one of “the Committee of 300’s” legalized strong arm enforcers in case anyone gets too brave to stand up to “the Committee of 300”, I realized early on that the racial profiling accusations against the NJ State Police were overblown to serve a purpose.  “The Committee of 300” wanted the troopers so worried about racial profiling that they wouldn’t dare pull over many, if any minorities, especially and Al Qaida.  Here is the purpose for why.  Since 1991 I have known of plans by “the Committee of 300” to exterminate one billion people worldwide, and over two thirds to 220 million of us (throw-a-ways, as we are called by them) in the U.S. via nuclear, chemical, and biological weaponry.  “The Committee of 300” always looks for able, and usually willing patsies.  That’s where the Al Qaida come in. 

The British are notorious for playing two sides of the fence with everyone.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they armed the Al Qaida to whack us.  Listen to some very incriminating facts. 

Zacharias Moussaoui was schooled in London for four years. 

Reid, the “Shoe Bomber” was schooled and living in London.

Five Taliban that were released from Guantanamo Bay prison were sent back to London, four others remained in custody.

Within days of 9-11-01 our Atlantic military supply was crippled by a so called lone nut computer hacker, a Caucasian from where?  London.
In Afghanistan our first U.S. casualty in the “war on terror”, former Marine Captain and CIA specialist Johnny “Mike” Spann was killed in a prison uprising after demanding to know from the “American Taliban”, John Walker Lihnd, “Where did you get the Royal British Marine Commando sweater you’re wearing from?”

In Newark, NJ (my home city) a British arms dealer Hement Lakhani was arrested along with two accomplices in New York City for trying to purchase SA7 shoulder launchers and missiles to provide to Al Qaida to shoot down our airliners and other objects.  And,

As recently as the end of May 2004, an honorable New York City Terrorism Task Force detective named George Corey cracked the case that led to the arrest of radical Al Qaida cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri who was trying to set up Al Qaida training camps in Oregon as early as 1999.  According to cooperating Al Qaida witness, James Ujaama, al-Masri is also implicated in a deadly hostage taking incident in Yemen.

In 2003 five other Al Qaida were arrested for having a deadly Ricin factory.  Where?  London.

Coupled with the fact that from rock solid sources that sat in on the planning meetings for “the Committee of 300” to exterminate 220 million of us here in America and one billion people worldwide, I have no doubt whatsoever that the Al Qaida are in fact the able and willing patsies that “the Committee of 300” not only recruited, but ever so covertly helped foment with hate towards us as a nation.  They’ve worked this tragic shell game with us for years.  Propping up hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Weathermen, etc., all the while dumping tons of illegal drugs and arms into, first our inner cities, and for quite some time now, even our suburbs and rural areas.  How do I know these things you might ask? 

The CIA, DIA, MI6, covert unit I was asked to work for in 1978 and 79 is in fact involved and in charge of drug and arms running worldwide under the direction of British MI6 and higher ups in “the Committee.”  They have tons of support people.  The unit “Cobra Vector One” is also known as “the Assassination Bureau.”  I knew at least 7 of their 12 man unit.  But, as I stated earlier, I refused to join them or stand in the way of their wars or profiteering.  The mass murders planned by “the Committee of 300” were supposed to be for their sick, elitist population control ideas.  These people who put themselves in the place of God feel that they are the chosen ones who should determine the future of everyone here on earth.  Their biggest get togethers have been the Bilderburgher, tri-Lateral Commission, and G-8 Summit meetings.  I will provide a list of all the world leaders and power brokers that I know of that took part in the mass murder meetings.  Louis J. Freeh who served as FBI director from 1993 until about 2001, was as fully aware of these plans as was his predecessor.

George H.W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton were also fully aware of these plans along with, of course, Henry Kissinger and whomever the British prime minister was at the time.  We the people always had at least 2 to 3 people inside the mass murder meetings letting “the Committee of 300” think that (our people) were going along with plans.  To hear people like Louis Freeh, George W. Bush and others claim that they had no idea Al Qaida were going to hit us here in America is truly pathetic and extremely sad, especially for the poor families and loved ones of those very precious American lives lost on 9-11, and all along the way because of the lack of actions of our sworn leaders.  I will prove my point even further.

As stated earlier, I warned the CIA in 1978 and 1985 through my best friend from the New Jersey shore, the late Gerald Wesley Simonson, that radical Muslim terrorists would hijack multiple jet liners and ram them into (more than likely) the White House, Capitol Building, and World Series or Super Bowl, depending on the time of year.  It was verified in 2003 that New York did get my second warning in 1985. 

Cobra Vector-One based their operations out of New York City.  In 1999, just before the Millennium, three Al Qaida, in two separate border incidents, were arrested for planning to blow up the Space Needle in Seattle.  At around the same time I threw an Al Qaida male and Eastern European female out of the Hilton casino for pacing the pillars and attempting to photograph the entire casino.  My notes will be provided.  As early as 1995 Filipino authorities arrested a man who was plotting to blow up American airliners.  The terrorist admitted that Al Qaida had plans to hijack airliners and run them into CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.  This information was given to the FBI.  When National Security adviser Condoleezza Rice testified she said, “We weren’t allowed to share information.”  But, then in her next paragraph she stated that a unit called “CSG, was made up of people from the CIA, State Department, Justice Department, FBI, etc.” end quote.  Where the cabinet did in fact share counter-terror information, George W. Bush told our beloved 4 “Jersey Girls” that “Yes we had information that the Al Qaida were going to hijack airliners and ram them into our buildings, but we didn’t have specific information on where.”  That statement that was prompted by the warning to the White House on August 6, 2001 is pathetic.  The President, National Security Adviser, Attorney General, and FBI Director should have warned every law enforcement agency and airport security in North America to be on ta secret ‘red alert’.  As soon as I saw the first plane hit the Trade Center I knew it was Al Qaida.  But, yet on 9-12-2001 when no one is permitted to fly, the Royal Saudi Airline is allowed to go around America and pick up members of Osama Bin Laden’s family.  It’s very apparent that “the Committee of 300” cover-up was already in motion.

In 1991, shortly after learning of the “Committee’s” mass murder plans, an under cover FBI agent named Joe Grzenda, Jr. was put on me posing as an employee of the RCA Corporation Scranton plant in Dunmore, PA where I worked.  He too knew of these plans and tried to get me to join his phony militia group.  Though I already knew of the plans he told me about the “Bilderburghers” and Trilateralist plans to kill 2/3 of us Americans.

Despite my repeated warnings for 3 ½ years leading up to 9-11-2001, the FBI along with other law enforcement agencies were doing everything they could to destroy my credibility because of all the damning things I knew about the “Committee of 300” and the fact that their undercover operative Larry Rohn, aka Bill Ramsey, had brutally tortured and then murdered Jon Benet Ramsey.

I was smeared so bad that after seeing what I know was a dirty bomb dropped out of a small yellow plane around 9:45 PM on July 27, 2001, I didn’t even call the State Police who were only 3 miles from my house.

Let me give one quote of what the FBI told a local unnamed policeman I know.  “Parkinson’s totally and thoroughly nuts in the head, and full of shit!”  This is backed up by multiple sources.

The dirty bomb killed fish immediately for 10 miles.  A week later it was in the paper that the Cape May area had a ten mile fish kill also.

Since June 12, 2002 I’ve waited for the FBI and NJ State Police to keep their word and get back to me.  Nobody has.

After 9-11 everyone wanted to be buddies again and for the sake of the country I gave them info that saved mega millions of lives.  I even taught the spokesperson for the FBI, Special Agent Sandra Carroll how to criminally profile the Al Qaeda to be pro-active rather than reactive.  A month later I put it in writing to her.  A month after that, George W. Bush went on the air and said, “We’re going to have a new division added to Homeland Security called “Team Red” that acts as criminal profilers to think like the Al Qaeda in order to be pro-active rather than reactive, like on 9-11.”

Under the Rewards for Justice Program I was supposed to be rewarded for such vigilance.  But, I’ve never received a cent and have been forced to sell my house because I can’t even get a job as a gas station attendant.  This is nothing new to me.  In Pennsylvania, before I moved back to New Jersey, I helped set up a counter drug operation for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office secret unit called DEEP (Drug Enforcement Eastern Pennsylvania).  The investigation lasted for 8 ½ years minimum prosecuting police, politicians and others that were dealers, users, thieves and even police that were tipping off the drug dealers that they were going to be raided.  Without me they had nothing.  But, when the former FBI Special Agent that doubled crossed me to death pushed Trooper Robert Perry out of the DEEP Director’s job I knew that not only DEEP had been compromised, but that Frank Noonan was doing damage control for himself, the Scranton FBI, and the “Committee of 300”.  Under the Drug Repossession Act (which is Federal statute) the initial information provider is entitled to half of the proceeds from all drug money purchased homes, businesses, cars, etc. auctions.  Though repos were done I never received a cent.  I’m thankful despite the blatant frauds and theft of my rewards.  God blessed me to save lives and make our country a safer and better place to live.

Previous to 9-11-2001, Congressmen and women along with Senators were calling for disbanding the FBI.  From 2000 to 2002 over 400 laptop computers were stolen from the FBI officials.  Also 937 weapons were stolen.  I have alleged that the computers contained information on black operations done on people like myself and other “Committee of 300” operations such as the planning for 9-11 and other intentional cold cases of “Committee of 300” disposed of nuisances.  Also, I believe some of the weapons would be a ballistic match with such murders.

On March 3, 2001, I multiple mailed and certified mailed to John and Patricia Ramsey that they should ask John Ashcroft to investigate Louie Freeh, the FBI, its Division 4 manager, and the Stafford Township Police Department.  Five days later I was asked to resign from the Hilton Hotel Casino security “for no specific reason.  We just want you to resign.”  Louie Freeh was asked to put in his resignation with the FBI about 13 days later.

I have alleged since 1991 that FBI people were helping cover for a drug and gun running pipeline that allegedly runs from Florida to Maine.  The late Chief Charles Richard “Dick” Humphries was murdered because he had found them out.  Aileen Wournos, “the Monster” was not just the sick serial killer the FBI would have you believe.  She was a contract killer.  Let me state to you in the strongest possible terms all of the “Committee of 300” murders since 9-11-01, the Antrax murders (5 dead), flight 587 over the Rockaways on Long Island (280 dead), the sniper case (13 dead), the space shuttle (8 dead).  There were other murders in New Jersey (4 dead).  These are all being looked at under “Operation Eye of the Phoenix.”  Code name for “Operation Eyes of God.”

Do you limit God?  I don’t!  One person can make a difference.  Look at Jesus Christ!  I pray for and implore you to make a difference.

May God bless you in your search for the truth!

Brian Charles Patrick Parkinson
Unit Commander of Aqua Delta 69

Main Street, Simpson, Pennsylvania

Brian Charles Patrick Parkinson

To provide information and evidence suitable to take down (dismantle) the Committee of 300 by exposing criminal activity prosecutable under R.I.C.O., Terrorism, High Treason, Sedition, Murder and Espionage.


Former Assistant Pastor of Herrick Center and Starrucca Baptist Churches in North East Pennsylvania.

Twenty three years training in police procedure, professionalism, criminal and personal profiling, investigations, and etiquette training.

Built profiles of radical Muslim terrorists since the 1960’s.

Volunteered as a Private MAC-V-SOG Counter Criminal, Counter Terror, Counter Espionage Unit, Aqua-Delta 69 (a unit that made the USA safe after 9-11-2001), and in numerous Criminal Investigations. 


1976 -  Present   Enthusiastic Student and Teacher of Martial Arts
                        8th Degree Black Belt - World Record Holder of many awards

           1984      Founder of American Moo Do Kwan Self Defense Association

           1968      Highest Mechanical Aptitude - Elementary School (Kg - 8th)



1999 -  2001      Hilton Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

1996 -  1999      Trump Castle (later) Marina, Atlantic City, NJ

1977 - 1994      RCA (Picture Tube Division), Dunmore, PA


           1972      Raritan High School, Hazlet, NJ
                        Monmouth County Auto Body Paint and Repair - High Honors


All who taught, worked with me in sincerity, provided to me information, and risked their lives and well being.  For the sake of the living I protect their names.