Saturday, February 5, 2011


To whom it may concern;

I, Brian Parkinson, am writing to inquire as to why I can’t even get a reply concerning the extensive counter-terror-criminal-espionage work that I provided the United States Government, State of New Jersey Government and others after 9-11-2001.  YOU NEED TO KNOW THE INFORMATION I PROVIDED!

I gave one (1) year and nine (9) months of blizzard pace information on these matters as well as how to recruit, train and make counter-terror-criminal-espionage inter-departmental specialists and even profilers.  I also provided information for the year following this pretty extensively.

I gave the network, banks, smuggling veins, hundreds of Al-Quida were locked up, the plans for the OTHERS (The Committee of 300) that helped prop them up and have yet to even receive a return letter, phone call or in the past a return e-mail to a friend’s computer.

I have many names within the Justice Department and others that could verify this.

I worked this since the 1960s privately.  After 9-11 a Rewards For Justice System was brought in and $9,000,000.00 (Nine Million dollars) was paid out in the first five (5) months alone.  I was the Operations Director telling all Agencies needed, and involved, the worldwide network for the Committee of 300 “master planners” who armed and equipped the Al-Quida.  They are also the group that is responsible for the banking mess and near collapse of our economy.  This worldwide list of banks was provided to the FBI after 9-11.  It is my opinion that there was an intentional cover-up and, had there not been one, we could have avoided the financial jam that we were put in INTENTIONALLY.  To this day (February 4, 2011) I have never received a cent for my extensive work.  After providing such work I was forced into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then forced to sell my house just to survive.  Upon leaving West Creek, New Jersey at the time where I lived and coming back to northeastern Pennsylvania I was harassed and stalked immediately by corrupt “Law Enforcement” and an illegal spy group that serves the Committee of 300 called “Forty (40) Committee”.  My Civil Rights are being violated morning, noon and night since early August 2001 while I was still living in New Jersey.  A massive slander campaign has been done on me in order to discredit me for the extensive corruption (drugs, arms, murders, high Treason, espionage, terrorism, etc.) worldwide that I have provided to almost all State and Federal “Law Enforcement” in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The former President, George W. Bush, was fully aware of this extensive information and my warning of a four (4) plane suicide attack prior to 9-11 (for 23 years and 2 months).  After providing such exceptional information two false claims were intentionally fabricated against me that I threatened President Bush.  This was brought to my attention when I was visited, first in New Jersey, and later in Pennsylvania by Agents of the Secret Service.  I was not even told who my accusers were and requested of the Secret Service that whoever it was be charged with false swearing. 

A British MI6 tactic called the Tavistock Method has been employed on me since as far back as 1989.  The British MI6 are the master planners along with Committee of 300 and Bilderberg Group made members for all major actions taken against citizens of our country . I have stood up for you for most of my life. I hope you will stand up for me. My martial arts business and Army - Navy business have been irreparably harmed. People from the FBI, CIA, NSA, corrupt law enforcement and private citizenry have intentionally defamed me. Some of them have told me to my face they have done this. When my front door window was smashed in, the Trooper told my neighbor who positively could identify the protected domestic terrorist who did it, that he was dropping the investigation on Fagan and that he was going to investigate me. I called this same Trooper, Corporal  Sarkis prior to the window being smashed by Jeff Fagan because he was making terroristic threats. I’m the son of a retired Captain of police and D Day veteran. Please show me that there is some real justice left in OUR LAND! I live at 519 Main Street Simpson, Pa. in Lackawanna County. I am pleading for your help in this matter not only for myself, but for all freedom loving Americans. I have nobody that speaks on my behalf for me. Please see me in person. I am possibly going to be homeless once again. Part time E-mail address is Blog site is

Thank You for your time and efforts. May GOD Bless You and Yours!

Brian Charles Patrick Parkinson 

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